Why Us?

A lot of people offer resins , essential oils, and resinoids for sale everywhere, however, as a satellite to one of the most influential perfume stores/ attar makers based out of CA, USA (Elixir Attar), our sourcing is second to none.

We do not aim to just resell resins and essential oils sourced at a cheaper price, rather we create to you new oils and uber rare niche and exotic oils and extracts in order for you to experience things that are truly unique and luxurious.

Our stocks are all fresh and made with love and care and are handled in the best Swiss-US certified labs in order to ensure a very rigorous quality standard.

Originally we are perfumers, therefore, our take on processing raw materials is very different from those who experiment or make tinctures and thats it, since we use these in our perfume making, we know the scent profiles needed by the perfumers for these products.