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Ancient Resins

Celtic Ambergris Tincture 5%- 2017

Celtic Ambergris Tincture 5%- 2017

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We present to you our most Oceanic tincture ever offered, this tincture is insane, it is double the standard w/v ( weight to volume) ratio of any tinctures heard of in the classical perfumery schools where 3% is considered generous with ambergris. This thing here is a turbocharged ambergris tincture of immense power and a small addition to any perfume changes it significantly.

This was made from the best Irish beach- combed ancient Celtic pieces. At 5% rest assured that you will be happy with the smell, and its the whitest smell, the only better ambergris I smelt was from an ancient piece that was found in Chile that was estimated to be floating for a thousand years and this is the next in beauty that I experienced.

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