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Ancient Resins

Deer Musk Absolute

Deer Musk Absolute

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Deer musk absolute is a material that was used in our perfumes as well as attars. This material is totally unheard of in the world of perfumes. If you want to buy larger quantities of the absolute best of the absolute most precious material in perfumery please let us know. We have prepared an ample amount for sale.

You can also buy a very small amount to enjoy the smell of musk concentrated hundreds of times.

In order to preserve the quality of the absolute that we send to you, we have a current lead time for the 1 gram absolutes and more of 3 weeks.

Our Swiss- certfied lab processes the deer musk and this is what helped us maximize the yield, or else it would have been simply too expensive to sell.

 We currently have only Siberian and Sultan Qaboos Kashmiri musk absolutes. The smell is a bit different with the Siberian much softer and spicier than the Kashmiri Sultan Qaboos musk which is more chocolatey, earthy, and animalic.


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