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Ancient Resins

Frankincense Papyfera Tincture 50%

Frankincense Papyfera Tincture 50%

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Our Ethiopian Frankincense Papyfera sourced directly from Ethiopia and tinctured at 50% w/v in pure ethanol absolute is an amazing ancient resin and is in our honest opinion, the best frankincense variety to be tinctured or extracted. On its own this frankincense is the definition of incense, at 50%, you get an immensely strong material that you can use directly in your perfume, and you better dilute it or it sticks. 

Some people asked me why you did not grind the frankincense prior to tincturing, and the reason is that we heat the tincture and the resin all seeps eventually into the alcohol during heating. As we always said, dealing with tinctures is much more than adding alcohol to a tincture material.

Enjoy one of the best frankincense materials you can work with. 

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