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Ancient Resins

Kyphi incense spray (30 ml)

Kyphi incense spray (30 ml)

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Based on the Real Kyphi recipes from Ancient Egypt, it is the first time ever that these formulas were made into spray. The series consists of 3 different Kyphi recipes.


Horus is a masculine leaning Kyphi incense based on myrrh, Ethiopian and Omani frankincense, honey, lemongrass, calamus and mastic.


Nefertiti is the feminine leaning Kyphi incense based on blue lotus, papyrus, Egyptian jasmine, hibiscus and Egyptian honeysuckle.


Thebes is a unisex Kyphi incense based on saffron, cardamom, frankincense, Egyptian violet, Egyptian cassie, and musk.

A Little word on Kyphi incense sprays

With these Kyphi sprays you can experience the smell of ancient Egyptian temples by spraying instead of burning charcoal for the first time ever.


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