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Musk Deer Maceration -20% Mongolian

Musk Deer Maceration -20% Mongolian

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Our Mongolian musk maceration, an absolutely lovely maceration of the highest standard, as we always said in private settings, macerations are not simply the addition of musk to sandalwood, you can clean it, remove hairs, keep hairs, dry the grains fully or partially, etc. There are too many parameters. At Elixir attar we will provide you with unparalleled macerations that are very saturated and all round musky. In this case, we are offering a deer musk from our Mongolia sourced collection of musk pods which we managed to get a nice amount of. 

This maceration was processed on 18th June 2022. Rather than saying how many years it is, we figured it is better to tell you the date of maceration, so as it keeps getting older we do not have to change its naming. This specific maceration is at 20%, and it's a very strong musk for lovers of pure musk. We used Indian Mysore sandalwood which is the best for musk to retain its smell because that specific sandalwood has a very high Santalol content and almost no top notes, it will be like smelling the musk pod.

This musk was used semi- dried and has a very leathery spicy musk note known for the Mongolian musk, and lesser of the urinal- costus root type of smells known to be more pertinent to Siberian musk. I have not to date smelt any Mongolian musk maceration that smells as good as this one, you will feel it is a 50% maceration rather than a 20%, the way we process musk, in a lot of times more than 10-20%, results will have diminishing returns, simply put, our 20% is utilized maximally, sometimes I have had people show me 50% musk macerations that smelt weaker than this, it is not just how much musk, but how it was done too. Thank God we could offer you this, I really thought a lot before offering it.

We did not put fancy photos for the maceration because we want to show you the maceration as is.

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