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Musk Deer Tincture-6% Sultan Qaboos Musk

Musk Deer Tincture-6% Sultan Qaboos Musk

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Kashmiri Sultan Qaboos musk deer tincture, 6% tinctured the Elixir Attar way since April 2023. As we always said, our things are different because we do not take things lightly. When making tinctures everything matters.

Our pods are selected very carefully, and I need not tell you that not all pods and grains are equal, even from the same region. The alcohol we use is a chromatography grade ethanol absolute and we do make the necessary additions to make the musk pronounced.

This right here is an indispensable tool for any serious perfumer who wants to experiment with musk without the need to play around with musk themselves. Just a small addition to any perfume composition will totally alter the composition with the smell of musk.

The scent profile for this tincture is chocolate earthy musk with leather animalic undertones.

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