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Taif Rose Infused with Sultan Qaboos Musk (10%)

Taif Rose Infused with Sultan Qaboos Musk (10%)

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I mean, look at the color of this thing here, this is what 10% Kashmiri musk from the vault of late Sultan Qaboos can do to our exquisite Taif Rose.

Our maceration methods and secrets also help fasten the maceration process significantly. So this thing here reached full maturation within 3 months of macerating. 

This oil is used in a lot of our perfume, and we process a lot of Taif Roses both with Siberian and Sultan Qaboos Kashmiri musks. Here is your chance to smell this thing in its raw format. I use it a lot just as is without adding to anything as i am a lover of rose. 

This sample from the batch was processed in April 2023.


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