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Vintage Cestrum Nocturnum (Nightblooming Jasmine) Essential Oil (1930s)

Vintage Cestrum Nocturnum (Nightblooming Jasmine) Essential Oil (1930s)

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Well, what can we say about this offering?

Personally to me , this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone who likes perfumery materials. The last amount in existence of this flower essential oil made by a crazy European company back in the 1930s. To me more precious that most oud oils or sandalwood, all of which continue to be produced, but this was a product of a mad experiment. Factoring in the aging process, even if you do it nowadays, forget about the potential of getting even close to this smell.

To say the least, we all may or may tried all kinds of Jasmine, grandiflorum, sambac, auriculatum , flexille and enfleurage oils, but Nightblooming jasmine, name one that you have come across, including in the highest places of perfumery in France and elsewhere. This comes from a distant era, a time where experimentation was uncapped and perfumers were working from passion.

This is one of the most beautiful scents of a flower that you can ever imagine. It is sweet, spicy, musky, woody, citrusy, a total perfume on its own, an unreal sense will be sensed upon the smelling of this flower. So real- smelling, unlike absolutes which can totally smell different than the original smell of the flower in nature. That is why we offered a very small amount of it for sale, only to keep the rest sealed for as long as we can cherish smell.

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