Collection: Tinctures

Our in house uber rare and extraordinary tinctures, an absolute must for any serious perfumer. Tinctures are not simply the addition of materials to alcohol as many people mistakenly think.

There is a chance you will get a nice tincture when just adding things to alcohol, but like anything in life, it takes a lot of learning and knowledge to know what you are actually doing properly.

When making a tincture there are pharmacopeia elements that need to be taken into consideration, including but not limited to the concentration of alcohol, the form of the tinctured material, the additives to activate and fasten the tincturing process, how to process the material, does the alcohol have any smell at all?, is there any heating or cooling needed, etc. 

Here is your chance to experience pharmaceutical-grade tinctures, and by the way, ink is a tincture, and so were many of the medicines in the past and nowadays, meaning that you are not just getting anything, you are getting the best possible form of tincture, which can be used in perfume or can be just left as a reference material for your own curiosity as a perfumer/collector/ or aromatherapist.